Data lakes offered great promise over the last decade, but whether you implemented an on-premises solution or moved to the cloud with your first data lake migration, many companies haven’t yet realized the full potential of their data. Juggling a complex, brittle architecture makes the speed, accuracy, and access to data nearly impossible in other data lakes. The Snowflake Data Cloud is different.

Join Snowflake Solutions Architects Jai Parmar and Sanjay Nayyar as they walk through the benefits of the Snowflake Data Cloud and how to begin your data lake migration journey.

Learn more about how you can:

    • Store all structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in one place
    • Implement efficient end-to-end data pipelines
    • Enable all workloads with one elastic performance engine
    • Migrate your existing data to Snowflake
  • Sanjay Nayyar

    Solutions Architect, Migrations, Professional Services

  • Jai Parmar

    Sr. Solutions Architect, Professional Services

  • Adeem Malik

    Consulting Manager, Professional Services

  • Ian Fickling

    Solutions Architect, Migrations, Professional Services