Even before recent events, the retail and hospitality industry was a difficult environment, particularly for brick-and-mortar retailers in shopping malls and on the high street. Society has sped up the online channel to become a dominant force as consumer behaviours have changed, and store closures and retail administrations have grown. 

The year of 2021 has simply intensified these challenges, with COVID disrupting both the supply chain and how consumers can shop within the industry. 




For many, this year’s retail Golden Quarter is more critical than ever. Watch this live discussion with Snowflake’s Industry Principal for Retail and CPG and Atheon Analytics CTO as they discuss:

  • The highs, the lows, and key lessons from this year’s festive season
  • What it might all mean for retailers for 2022 
  • The challenge of the data supply chain
  • How the Snowflake Data Cloud can be the catalyst for the retail and data transformation agenda in 2022
  • Paul Winsor

    Industry Principal for Retail & CPG, Snowflake

  • Guy Cuthbert

    CEO and CTO, Atheon Analytics