Unstructured data accounts for a tremendous amount of information, but it poses an interesting challenge for organisations attempting to extract value from it. It is not easy to search, analyse, or query unstructured data, especially on the fly, posing more challenges to data architectures that are already complex. 


In this on-demand session, you will learn about Snowflake’s new support for unstructured data and how you can store, access, process, govern, and share it in a single data platform to maximise the value your organisation extracts from ALL of your data. 

Join Senior Product Manager Saurin Shah as he walks through how to:

  • Store unstructured data using Snowflake stages
  • Govern unstructured data with Role-Based Access Control
  • Create scoped URLs for enhanced governance
  • Access unstructured data with with REST APIs
  • Catalog unstructured data using Directory Tables
  • Process unstructured data with Java and External Functions
  • Share unstructured data securely with the Data Cloud
  • Scott Teal

    Product Marketing Manager, Snowflake

  • Saurin Shah

    Senior Product Manager, Snowflake