Maintaining a competitive edge in retail means tapping into your data to understand and satisfy customers, streamline operations, boost efficiency, and reduce costs. But unlocking data-driven insights to deliver the personalized multichannel experiences that consumers expect is hard to achieve using traditional “big data” solutions. 

Join Tractor Supply, Capgemini, Seek Data, and Snowflake as they discuss data analytics, their real-world journey to the cloud, and how they are solving the toughest data challenges facing retail organizations today. 

This live panel discussion will cover:

  • Overview of the state of the retail industry
  • How the panelists are using data to better serve customers, power data-driven decision-making, and build business-critical products
  • How the retail and CPG industry can more seamlessly and securely share data in real-time
  • An interactive Q&A
  • Jerry Bisaha

    Sr. Director IT; Omni/Store Selling Channels, Digital Marketing & Enterprise Analytics, Tractor Supply

  • Dinand Tinholt

    VP Insights and Data, Capgemini North America

  • Rosemary Hua

    Head of Retail Strategy, Snowflake

  • Erik Mitchell

    Founder & Principal Consultant, Seek Data