More than ever, marketers are leveraging data to influence decision-making and drive business outcomes. To act with the required agility and precision, marketing teams need insights from live data at their fingertips instantly to support critical decision-making in minutes instead of hours and days. With Snowflake, ThoughtSpot, and Supermetrics, marketers can instantly break down data silos and unify all of their marketing data into a single source of truth, then glean granular insights that reduce marketing waste, align paid ad spend to winning campaigns, and drill into ad performance details from cost per click to maximize ROI.

Leveraging the power of the Data Cloud and pairing it with ThoughtSpot and Supermetrics, we’ll be demonstrating how to:

  • Use the Data Cloud to integrate disparate marketing, customer, and operational data sources 
  • Use Supermetrics to move and transform your data to be marketing analytics ready in Snowflake
  • Launch interactive liveboards in minutes using pre-built Supermetrics data models 
  • Drill anywhere to uncover new insights from sources such as Google Analytics, AdWords, and Facebook Ads
  • Give every marketer the power of data search to create new insights from your Data Cloudno SQL required
  • Sean Zinsmeister

    SVP, Product Marketing, ThoughtSpot

  • Evan Kaeding

    Lead Sales Engineer, Supermetrics

  • Keith Smith

    Senior Partner Sales Engineer, Snowflake