Healthcare data is fragmented across multiple systems. Today, healthcare organizations face tremendous challenges integrating this data from disparate sources to generate a longitudinal view that can generate actionable insights to deliver holistic patient care and improve critical business outcomes.

Join this webinar with Snowflake and Innovaccer to learn how healthcare organizations can move beyond data silos and build a comprehensive, actionable view of their patients and members. This webinar will showcase a solution developed by Innovaccer and powered by Snowflake that helps healthcare organizations:

  • Integrate health data from disparate sources and IT systems
  • Unify data to create a longitudinal patient record and a 360-degree patient view
  • Activate data to generate insights that will improve clinical, care, and business outcomes.

  • James Robinson Bresee

    Expert - Sales Engineer, Innovaccer

  • Patrick Kovalik

    Industry Principal, Healthcare, Snowflake

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