Security teams are under immense pressure to protect their organizations as threats continue to evolve. By leveraging Snowflake for Cybersecurity, security teams can centralize their security data in one place, retain data cost-effectively for years, and query against that data anytime for fast analysis and incident response.

One of the most common threats includes password spraying. This is a brute-force attack that bad actors often use to get into an account before attempting lateral movement to maintain persistence in the network and move closer to valuable assets. Join this demo to learn how Snowflake helps security teams proactively detect and mitigate threats quickly.

This session will include:

  • An overview of cybersecurity data challenges that security teams face today
  • A live demo focused on detecting password spray attacks, demonstrating how Snowflake can combine various data sets for quick analysis
  • How to apply threat intelligence, available on Snowflake Marketplace, on years’ worth of log data for threat hunting
  • How to find known malicious-source IPs attempting to authenticate into your Snowflake tenant and contain them with a simple command
  • How to build internal dashboards to track and measure risk profiles

Don’t miss this session showcasing how Snowflake empowers security teams to combine internal log data with third-party intelligence for threat detection and response.

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