Does your data science team spend hours on repetitive manual data extraction, evaluation, and manipulation? Are they inundated with project requests? The more projects they take on, the harder it is to feel confident about the insights they’re providing to the organisation. But there’s an easy solution—self-service and automated analytics.

Snowflake and Alteryx make analytics and data science easier. The Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) Platform supports the different ways people prefer to work with easy-to-use low- and no-code analytic building blocks for R and Python models, while the Snowflake Data Cloud makes data management and processing flexible, scalable, and highly secure. 

In this demo, we’ll showcase how you can speed up the development of data science models and automate your analytic workflows to address a wide range of use cases, including data extraction, blending and formatting, and predictive modelling.



Watch now this Live Demo on-demand to see how to:

  • Structure, organise, and enable data to be easily accessible 
  • Use Alteryx to orchestrate data processing in Snowflake
  • Build a predictive model using a subset of current customer data
  • Deploy the model for use with Snowflake
  • Use the model to estimate the future value of new customers, as the basis for targeting in marketing campaigns
  • Christina Leo

    Partner Sales Engineer, Snowflake

  • Razzia Gafur

    Technology Evangelist, Alteryx