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Data Warehouse or Data Lake? How You Can Have Both in a Single Platform

Almost every organization builds a data architecture to store, prepare, manage, and analyze its data. Conventional thinking tends to separate options for this data architecture as either a data warehouse or a data lake. Snowflake is challenging this thinking. Why can’t organizations have both a data lake and a data warehouse using one technology?

From Many Pools to One Modern Data Lake, Featuring Snowflake Customer: Devon Energy

For years, Devon Energy struggled with an underused data lake, a cumbersome data warehouse, unstable enterprise data sets, and an unmonitored open database. Find out how the Fortune 500 oil exploration company consolidated these inefficient systems into a single cloud data platform.

10 Tips to Ensure Your Data Lake Does Now Become A Data Swamp

Many organizations build data lakes with the goal of analyzing their data to make data-driven decisions that improve their profitability or fulfill their corporate mission. However, the reality is many data lakes end up being a great place to cheaply store data but don’t achieve their initial goal due to excess complexity and an inability to conduct simple, fast data analytics. Learn our 10 tips for preventing data swamps.

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