You are invited to join Snowflake for a lunch & learn filled with information around the launch of Snowflake Cybersecurity workload where Thomas Dahlberg and Johannes Sundén will share the latest information to the Nordic market. 

The latest integrations include partnerships with vendors such as Hunters, Panther Labs, and Securonix including several other partners in the cyber security community. Understand how to enable organizations with the ability to use Snowflake as a data platform — with all its elastic storage and query capabilities — for connected cybersecurity products.

Enjoy and learn more about:

  • Hunters, a security operations center (SOC) platform that empowers security teams to automatically detect, investigate and respond to real incidents.
  • Panther Labs, a cloud-scale threat detection platform that solves the challenges of security operations at scale.
  • Securonix, a leader in the Gartner SIEM magic quadrant, collects volumes of data in real time, detects advanced threats using machine learning algorithms, and provides actionable security intelligence for an automated response.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

  • Thomas Dahlberg

    Senior Sales Engineer

  • Johannes Sundén

    Senior Sales Engineer