You are invited to join Snowflake for our Lunch & Learn session where Oskar Eriksson, Senior Sales Engineer at Snowflake will cover how to build scalable, optimized pipelines, apps, and ML workflows with superior price/performance and near-zero maintenance, powered by Snowflake’s elastic performance engine.

Use Python, Java or Scala with familiar DataFrame and custom function support to build powerful and efficient pipelines, machine learning (ML) workflows, and data applications. And gain the performance, ease of use, governance, and security while working inside Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

In this session we will uncover:
  • What’s broken with data engineering today
  • What is Snowflake doing to help?
  • The open table format Apache Iceberg
  • Snowpark for Python and the Python ecosystem
  • Best practices
  • Customer stories
  • Oskar Eriksson

    Senior Sales Engineer, Snowflake