Join industry experts from Cervello, a Kearney Company and Snowflake live on August 4th, as they discuss data analytics and how they are helping solve the toughest data challenges today.

The global COVID-19 pandemic, is testing every organization’s digital resilience as business as usual is broken.  New ways of doing business need to be quickly identified, planned, and executed against.  The key to understanding how to react, rebound, and reinvent as an organization lies in your data.  Learn how Cervello, a Kearney Company is leveraging Snowflake to help clients in these unprecedented times.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how Manufacturing, Retail, and CPG organizations are meeting the demands of today’s market environment by leveraging insights from non-traditional data sets such as device location, supply side absenteeism, and employee health.
  • Gain insights on how Snowflake enables rapid development and innovation needs in order to plan for the market rebound.
  • Hear how Cervello, a Kearney company is helping clients reinvent their approach to delivering insights at an accelerated pace in order to stay ahead.
  • Tracy Colameco

    Director, Analytics & Information Management Practice, Cervello, a Kearney Company

  • Sandy Estrada

    VP, Analytics & Information Management, Cervello, a Kearney Company

  • Rosemary Hua

    Head of Retail Strategy, Snowflake