Snowflake Cloud Data Platform is the cloud-agnostic, proven solution for industries around the globe looking for secure and governed access to their data with infinite scalability, per-second compute pricing, and low storage costs. But how can federal agencies effectively leverage Snowflake?

Join Paul Horan, Snowflake’s Senior Solution Architect, U.S. Federal, for a demonstration of Snowflake Cloud Data Platform for federal agencies. Horan will show how to apply key Snowflake concepts such as virtual warehouses, sizing, and multi-cluster workloads for data sharing and analysis within and between federal agencies.

This webinar and live Q&A session will cover capabilities and best practices for applying seven key Snowflake concepts:

  • Workload isolation
  • Load performance
  • Ecosystem tool integration
  • Data sharing 
  • Data exchange
  • Zero-copy clones
  • DevSecOps

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  • Paul Horan

    Senior Solution Architect, U.S. Federal