From the depths of our oceans to the uppermost edge of our atmosphere and all the space in between, NOAA has data that is used by government, industry, and citizens. And it is working to enable even more sharing of the data collected.

Watch now to hear from Adrienne Simonson, NOAA Director, Big Data Program; Jenny Dissen, North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies, and Monica McEwen, Deloitte Managing Director, as we discuss NOAA’s efforts to increase user engagement with their work, including expanding into different sectors. Who would find NOAA data useful and what is the best way to effectively, yet securely, share that data?

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  • Adrienne Simonson

    Director, Big Data Program, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

  • Jenny Dissen

    Corporate Engagement and Strategic Partnerships, North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies

  • Nicholas Speece

    Chief Federal Technologist, Snowflake

  • Monica McEwen

    Managing Director, Analytics + Cognitive Deloitte