What are Snowflake Office Hours?
  • Live, 30-minute case study and Q&A sessions with a Snowflake customer.
  • Ask an industry peer questions about their Snowflake cloud data warehouse implementation and how Snowflake has advanced their data analytics.

Stitch migrated to Snowflake to address performance issues, such as long query wait times, crashes, and lockups. Their team was spending too much time on maintenance, including restarts, query cancellation, storage rationing, and limiting the usage of their internal reports. Since migrating to Snowflake, they’ve seen 10X faster data processing, and their team has saved countless hours. Additionally, the Snowflake Sharehouse has unlocked their ability to share data with other stakeholders at Talend, their parent company, easier than ever before.


  • Jake Stein

    Co-founder & CEO of Stitch