Hyper is the data science brain for customer led retail decisions. Their SaaS platform enables retailers to understand customer behaviour and needs. The insights created power improved marketing, merchandising and supply chain decisions, delivering more personalised experiences and increased profits at every point of the customer journey.

When Hyper architected their data solution, they realised traditional on-premises data warehouses couldn’t support their vision of near-infinite scale, agility, and speed. Hyper turned to the Snowflake Data Cloud for its speed of insight and its ability to accommodate their data storage needs. Snowflake enables Hyper to provide fast, reliable insights to clients, leading to better, customer led decisions.

One of Hyper’s clients is Studio Retail, a leading UK value retailer. Studio provides access to a wide range of value products to over two million customers each year through personalised multi channel communications. Hyper built Studio Retail a data science incubator on Snowflake, and provides customer insights that inform their marketing and merchandising decisions. 

Join this webinar with Hyper and Studio Retail to hear how they’ve built their solutions on top of Snowflake’s Data Cloud, enabling them to make faster, data and insight informed business decisions, resulting in great customer experiences and improved business results.

  • Peter Denby

    Director, Hyper

  • Ed Childs

    Head of Enterprise Data, Studio Retail