As a fast growing B2C organisation, Bleckmann provides logistics solutions for fashion and lifestyle brands with a strong focus on e-commerce. With over 25 fulfilment centers in four countries divided over three continents, they are on a mission to use data to add business value to freight forwarding, customs services, omnichannel distribution, and warehousing.

To achieve their goals, they came to the conclusion that the cloud was the way forward. They were facing an increasing demand from their operational and financial departments for more in depth, high quality and real time reports. They soon came to the conclusion that a logically integrated data cloud platform could be their holy grail.

Having a very IT and especially data minded management, Bleckmann began the search for a solid and innovative technology stack and a strategic partner and implementer that would support them on the journey to their new BI environment. 

Their ‘Cloud first’ strategy is what led them to Snowflake. During this 1-hour webinar you will learn how Snowflake, Vaultspeed Data Warehouse automation and DataSense were the key elements to realise their strategy. Hear how they were able to successfully address challenges such as ambitious implementation timelines, resilience to change, manual labor, complex integration issues, and the changing requirements.


  • Snowflake – How the data cloud can help you become the cutting edge data driven logistics company
  • DataSense – The importance of involving a strategic partner to help tackle your client’s data challenges
  • Bleckmann – Will elaborate on the challenges, best practices and lessons learned
  • Q&A


  • Tim Nachtegaele

    Bleckmann - Business Intelligence Manager

  • Arianna van de Maele

    DataSense - Sales Manager

  • Samuel Lebreton

    Snowflake - Senior Sales Engineer