What is the data economy? How can you leverage it? And, why care–what’s possible once you’re successful? 

We conducted global research to find out. We learned that organizations exploiting near-boundless access to data, data services, business insights and data collaboration are solving some of the most complex business problems while also creating new market opportunities.

These Data Economy Leaders accelerate time to market for new products, best know and serve customers, and outthink bad actors to minimize fraud. Those pushing the boundaries of the data economy have built new revenue streams with data products and services made available to their customers, partners, and any other organization. 

Data Economy Leaders outperform all others in revenue growth, customer satisfaction, market leadership, and other business metrics. Download the report to find out:

  • What characterizes Data Economy Leaders (and those lagging behind)
  • How your organization can become a leader and the business benefits that result
  • Which industries are winning (or lagging) in the data economy and how
  • What advice chief data officers (CDOs) from leading brands have for aspiring organizations
  • What Snowflake recommends for how to get started and which efforts to prioritize 

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