Blue Yonder

An intelligent SaaS solution that helps companies predict and resolve supply chain disruptions

Blue Yonder’s Luminate Control Tower provides an end-to-end view of supply chain operations, allowing you to understand the impact and provides prescriptive steps to mitigate risks and reduce disruptions. It gives you the insights to see, understand, act, and learn on real-time information from the entire digital ecosystem.

Machine learning empowers prescriptive resolutions to supply chain challenges, taking prioritization and impact analysis into account. The benefits include:

– End-to-end visibility, from planning to execution; gain real-time and scalable modeling capabilities powered by a digital twin, enabling visibility and orchestration across the entire value chain, from procurement to transportation and fulfillment
– Digital situation rooms for collaboration, users can launch digital situation rooms and collaborate across the end-to-end supply chain
– AI/ML Insights & recommendations; users can leverage machine learning to surface recommended actions, weigh impacts of opportunities and disruptions, and prioritization with what-if scenarios.
– Business outcome driven metrics aligned to business plans; users can measure impact of supply chain actions and align it to strategic business goals such as revenue growth, cost-to-serve and cash-to-serve

Built on the Luminate Platform and powered by Snowflake, it delivers visibility and real-time data across the end-to-end supply chain, from planning, execution and commerce. The benefits include:

– Scalability: Aggregation and transformation of data, building out ML models and the ingestion of data into the platform
– Speed: Deliver faster, real-time insights that drives efficiencies for the users and organization
– Reducing Data Redundancies: Single source of truth. Eliminate disparate data and siloed workflows across applications to ensure common data usage and integrated workflows:


About the partner:

Blue Yonder is the world leader in digital supply chain and omni-channel commerce fulfillment. Our intelligent, end-to-end platform enables retailers, manufacturers, and logistics providers to seamlessly predict, pivot and fulfill customer demand. With Blue Yonder, you can make more automated, profitable business decisions that deliver greater growth and re-imagined customer experiences.

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