A pre-configured set of ML models that enrich marketers' first party data assets with scores and predictions to drive better marketing outcomes

Actable’s suite of ML models unlock your customer data to drive growth. Actable’s predictive scores are used by brands to better understand and target marketing activations for some common marketing use cases:

• Identify new users likely to convert
• Mitigate churn among existing customers
• Create repeat purchases from existing customers
• Provide relevant product recommendations.

Curing Common Data Science Pain-Points:

• Data Science resources are limited or non-existent.
• The brand needs a way to reach customers at key moments in time to drive incremental purchases & mitigate churn.
• A cloud data warehouse contains a trove of customer data, but it’s not available to the marketer for insights & activations.

Actable’s predictive suite connects directly to a brand’s Snowflake Customer360 data environment as a Snowflake connected data application. The suite queries key behavioral and transactional data to produce bespoke models used in regular scoring. Record-level data is only written to persistent storage temporarily, prior to loading back to Snowflake and never contains any PII.

About the Partner:

Actable is a customer data accelerator that helps enterprises organize, analyze, and activate customer data to create business value. Our work includes customer analytics, database configuration, CDP implementation and deployment, and ML modeling of customer data.