SNOWPARK DAY: Where Python developers can learn about the latest on data engineering and data science modern processing in Snowflake

As data science and machine learning adoption has grown over the last few years, Python is catching up to SQL in popularity within the world of data processing. SQL and Python are both powerful on their own, but their value in modern analytics is highest when they work together. See how Snowflake and its robust Snowpark Accelerated partner ecosystem help data teams get the most value out of their data without complex environment management for separate languages.

Join us at Snowpark Day for a power-packed event to learn how to:

Leverage the latest Snowpark for Python features using shared best practices Work from your development tool of choice with integrations to the most popular data science tools Identify opportunities to streamline your architecture and reduce operational burden from existing big data processing engine

And hear directly from our Snowpark Accelerated partners on how you can:

Use Dataiku Feature Store to access and share high-value, ML-ready datasets and create agile, controlled, trusted, and scalable workflows with Dataiku’s extensive MLOps capabilities Leverage dbt cloud to generate analytics and ML-ready pipelines with SQL and python

Evaluate and migrate Spark workloads using code quality control and automation tools developed by LTIMindtree