Snowflake Partner Dev Days Build Customer Facing Applications Using Sigma & Snowflake

Whether you are a global retailer, a tech company, or a financial services firm, providing near real-time embedded analytics to your customers and partners can help optimize your operations, improve your product conversion, drive new lines of revenue, and more.

Join Snowflake and Sigma for an instructor-led hands-on lab to learn how to build customer facing analytics applications that allow your end users to dive deeper and go further with data.

In this lab you’ll learn how to:

Build an interactive, embeddable dashboard with unique drill down capabilities using Snowflake and Sigma Explore data sets and parse JSON using Sigma’s unique UI Leverage row-level security policies that will pass through to end users in Sigma and your product Analyze brand engagement across customer demographics See the end user experience in data products built on Sigma & Snowflake

Requirements We welcome everyone to attend and watch the virtual hands-on lab. However, to actively participate you will need a Snowflake account in AWS. We recommend spinning up a Snowflake trial for this lab, however, an existing Snowflake instance with account admin permissions will work. Participants will spin up a Sigma trial through Snowflake partner connect as part of the lab.