The Power of Snowflake and HVR Learn How Pitney Bowes Transformed Their Analytics Process

Many organizations are seeking a solution for continuous, efficient delivery of high volumes of data for faster reporting and real-time analytics. With the unlimited scalability of Snowflake's cloud data platform and HVR's Change Data Capture technology and distributed architecture, customers are leveraging the combined power to achieve their modernization goals for today and tomorrow.​

​​Join us for a live webinar and learn how Pitney Bowes transformed their SAP data into insights with Snowflake and HVR. During this session you will have the opportunity to hear and ask about:

  • ​​How to consolidate high volumes of SAP data and essential business data for real-time analytics

  • How Pitney Bowes is leveraging HVR & Snowflake to perform analyses across different teams from a single source of truth without impacting database performance