The Customer Verdict on Data Management Technology

As we enter 2021, one thing is certain: data will play an increasingly vital role in helping companies to adapt and thrive in challenging environments. In this webinar, BARC will present results from the BARC Data Management Survey 2020. It is the world's largest user survey on the use of data management technology and can offer invaluable insights into data management techniques and tools. In the survey, Snowflake was compared with a host of other technologies. Timm Grosser, Senior Analyst for Data & Analytics at BARC will present the survey, evaluation methodology and key results. Afterwards, we will highlight selected survey results for Snowflake, illustrating the dramatic effect Snowflake’s Data Cloud has had for real users.

The webinar will cover the following:

  • Trends in the data management landscape

  • Results from the BARC Data Management Survey 2020 and how Snowflake performed in comparison to other technologies

  • How Snowflake’s Data Cloud allows you to connect to a vast network of datasets, and securely share your data with trusted partners and customers