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Snowflake Office Hours Fireside Chat with Kareo

As a leading provider of technology-enabled solutions for independent medical practices, Kareo is focused on freeing practitioners’ hands for the important work of patient care. Kareo needed to find a way to connect diverse health data sources and a scalable way to securely provide raw data access to its customers.

With Snowflake, Kareo consolidated 15+ data sources to collectively create one source of truth, helping internal teams drive data-driven decision-making within their respective functions. Kareo’s customers, who formerly did not have enough data to analyze medical billing operations, benefited from the secure flow of raw data to generate insights across their medical practices.

Join this fireside chat with Kareo to hear how Snowflake helped its internal teams and customers and how moving forward, Kareo is focused on leveraging Snowflake’s scale and performance to drive predictive analytics and continue to support its customers with improved products and services.