Snowflake Live Demo with MicroStrategy

The integration of MicroStrategy and Snowflake unifies data across the enterprise, delivering a single version of the truth. Using the power of both of these platforms, you can take full advantage of the cloud, leveraging sophisticated analytics, performance, and self-service development tools to get answers to your toughest data questions.

This live product demo includes:

  • Creating a Snowflake and MicroStrategy application in real-time

  • Loading and combining data from both structured and semi-structured data

  • Leveraging third-party data from Snowflake Data Marketplace

  • Connecting Snowflake and MicroStrategy’s technologies via MicroStrategy’s self-service user interface

  • Mixing in-memory processing and push-down-analytics to deliver the best balance between sub-second end-user performance and handling data volumes at scale

  • Injecting actionable intelligence into everyday applications, and for every employee, with MicroStrategy’s revolutionary HyperIntelligence