Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024

Discover the latest in AI, streaming, application development and more.

Snowflake Live Demo with MicroStrategy

The integration of MicroStrategy and Snowflake unifies data across the enterprise, delivering a single version of the truth. Using the power of both of these platforms, you can take full advantage of the cloud, leveraging sophisticated analytics, performance, and self-service development tools to get answers to your toughest data questions.

This live product demo includes:

  • Creating a Snowflake and MicroStrategy application in real-time

  • Loading and combining data from both structured and semi-structured data

  • Leveraging third-party data from Snowflake Data Marketplace

  • Connecting Snowflake and MicroStrategy’s technologies via MicroStrategy’s self-service user interface

  • Mixing in-memory processing and push-down-analytics to deliver the best balance between sub-second end-user performance and handling data volumes at scale

  • Injecting actionable intelligence into everyday applications, and for every employee, with MicroStrategy’s revolutionary HyperIntelligence