Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024

Discover the latest in AI, streaming, application development and more.

How to Build a Foundation for Data Science with Snowflake’s Data Cloud

As the volume of data grows, organizations can capture increased value from their data through predictive analytics with data science. Organizations that have eliminated data silos to increase the maturity of their reporting and business analytics capabilities are now best positioned to accelerate their data science initiatives.

Snowflake Principal Data Platform Architect, Ahmad Khan, will lead a deep dive into what a cohesive data science stack looks like with Snowflake and share more details about Snowpark – an exciting new capability that will let you run new types of data engineering and data science workloads natively in Snowflake.

Join this live webinar and demo session to hear:

  • How Snowflake customers use the Data Cloud to accelerate their path from prescriptive to predictive analytics
  • A live Snowpark and Java UDF Demo
  • Upcoming Snowflake features for Data Science and Data Engineering