Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024

Discover the latest in AI, streaming, application development and more.

How to better secure and protect your data in the cloud

Security was baked into Snowflake’s Data Cloud from the very beginning. We provide industry-leading features that ensure the highest levels of security for your account and users, as well as all the data you store in Snowflake.

In this webinar we will discuss the top security threats companies face nowadays and present Snowflake’s substantial security features to mitigate those threats.

Join us to discover how you can manage the security of your critical data assets with Snowflake and learn about:

  • SaaS threat landscape
  • Snowflake Security at glance
  • Snowflake Security Controls:
    • Access, authentication, and authorisation (application security, column level security, row access policies)

    • Data Protection (encryption, time travel and fail safe, high availability and failover)

    • Auditing and monitoring

    • Infrastructure