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Snowflake Office Hours - Fireside Chat with Kount

Kount’s AI-driven platform helps digital businesses prevent digital payments fraud, new account fraud, and account takeovers. The AI that drives Kount’s solutions relies on billions of data points collected for its anti-fraud decision-making. And with such a powerful data set, Kount saw an opportunity to provide deep analytics and insights to its customers and partners. But traditional on-premises data warehouses couldn’t support that vision. Instead, Kount built a new solution based on Snowflake’s Data Cloud. This innovation allowed Kount to turn its customer data set into an accessible solution on Snowflake Data Marketplace, powering new insights for sales, marketing, fraud prevention, operations, and more.

Hear Divy Murli, a data scientist at Kount, describe Kount’s journey, and how it:

  • Enhanced analytics to improve business decisions and fraud prevention strategies
  • Launched new products only possible via the Data Cloud
  • Built an end-to-end tech stack optimized for data science performance in the cloud