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Show Me Your Architecture: A Technical Deep Dive of HyperFinity’s AI platform for Retailers

HyperFinity is a decision science SaaS platform that enables non-technical users at retailers and brands to create more rewarding customer experiences and optimize commercial processes. Snowflake sits at the core of HyperFinity’s data-intensive platform and provides their developer team with valuable features to streamline their serverless architecture.

Learn from Jim Gradwell, Head of Data Engineering and Machine Learning at HyperFinity, and Julian Forero, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Data Science at Snowflake, how using Snowflake empowers HyperFinity to:

  • Accelerate development of ML-powered apps with native support for semi-structured data
  • Simplify the integration with customers’ data using Snowflake Data Sharing
  • Effortlessly deploy data science pipelines with single engine for SQL & Python