Welcome to the Data Cloud Academy for Data Scientists, a complimentary program designed to introduce you to the power of using Snowflake for data science.

This expert-led course includes curated content on how you can use Snowflake across key stages of the data science workflow. The program starts with lessons for preparing your data within Snowflake, before exploring building models with your machine learning (ML) platform of choice, and concluding with deploying ML models using UDFs. The tracks will cover a different core step in the data science workflow, leaving you feeling accomplished upon completion.

Discover Snowflake for data science by completing these three free instructional tracks presented by Snowflake experts:

  • Efficient, High-Speed Data Preparation  
  • Building Models with Your Platform of Choice  
  • Deploying Machine Learning Models

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Efficient, High-Speed Data Preparation

4 Sessions

  • Snowflake for Data Science Overview

  • Snowpark for Feature Engineering

  • Snowpark for Python Demo

  • Getting Started with Snowpark and DataFrame API

Building Models with Your Platform of Choice

5 Sessions

  • How to Use Snowflake Native Connectors for Machine Learning

  • Getting Started with Python Connector

  • Accelerating Data Science with Snowflake and Dataiku

  • AutoML with Snowflake and DataRobot

  • AutoML with Snowflake and H2O Driverless AI

Deploying Machine Learning Models

4 Sessions

Get Started
  • How to Use Snowflake for Machine Learning Model Inference

  • Unleashing the Power of Java UDFs

  • Faster Time to Value with Feature Engineering and Model Scoring in Snowflake and DataRobot

  • Machine Learning with SQL