Join us to hear how Snowflake’s Cloud data platform can help state and local government understand where needs are today—and where they’re emerging.

Enabling measurement of success, visualization and action based on those measurements. You’ll learn that Snowflake is:

  • Cost effective, Pay for what you use model
  • Elastic, Cloud agnostic
  • Easy to use
  • Open Architecture: ODBC JDBC: Standard connectors
  • Very secure: FedRamp, HIPAA , PCI
  • Delivered as a service

Snowflake provides a single, unified solution to help state agencies to find inefficiencies and enhance services while allowing for secure sharing of data through interactive dashboards that increase transparency and interoperability across state agencies

Everything you need to browse, navigate, analyze and visualize your data from a single, integrated solution. You will see how Snowflake offers:

  • The ability to share data across the state enterprises
  • A robust security model, providing secure data handling
  • Structured and Semi structured data support
  • Near zero maintenance