Is your organization hoping to use high-precision geospatial data? In this instructor-led hands-on lab, Snowflake and Carto will introduce you to the GEOMETRY data type and help you understand its similarities and differences with the GEOGRAPHY data type. Additionally, you’ll learn how to use different spatial reference systems, what geospatial formats Snowflake supports, and how to leverage the best of these two data types in spatial analysis. Plus, you’ll hear from experts at CARTO on how to perform complex geospatial analysis using a simple visual interface.

In the lab, you will you’ll follow a step-by-step guide on sample use cases that involve energy grids and 4G cell towers in the Netherlands, and you’ll have the opportunity to answer the following questions:

  • What cell towers in the Netherlands lack electricity cables nearby?
  • What municipalities in the Netherlands have good/poor 4G coverage?
  • What percent of the Dutch motorways have 4G coverage?
  • How many kilometers of roads in the Netherlands have poor or no 4G coverage?

In Partnership with :

  • Fawad Qureshi

    Industry Field CTO

  • Matt Forrest

    VP of Product Marketing

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