Snowpark is a new developer experience that brings deeply integrated, DataFrame-style programming to the languages developers like to use, starting with Scala. Java UDFs (user-defined functions) can bring complex logic and run directly inside Snowflake. Together, Snowpark and Java UDFs are designed to make building complex data pipelines and apps a breeze and to allow developers to interact with Snowflake directly without moving data.

In this hands-on lab session, you will follow our instructor with a step-by-step guide using Snowpark and Java functions to run sentiment analysis in Snowflake.

You will learn about:
  • The basics of Snowpark and Java UDFs
  • Using Snowpark to create a session, and connect to Snowflake
  • Creating and running a UDF to analyse the sentiment of words
  • Defining a UDF

[ESSENTIAL] Please make sure to complete the lab guides requirements prior to the lab.

  • Parag Jain

    Principal Data Platform Architect, Snowflake