Marketing teams are collecting more data than ever, but how can you mobilize this data to get insights in the moment, reduce time to action, and accurately prove your impact to the business?

Join ThoughtSpot and Snowflake in this instructor-led, hands-on lab, and learn how to create a searchable, up-to-the-minute, 360-degree marketing analytics experience for your business users using your Snowflake and ThoughtSpot accounts. 

Our instructors will walk you through modeling and connecting your data to create a unified, searchable data view that is accessible directly by business users. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a modern, familiar search experience on your marketing data in Snowflake
  • Increase access to data with self-service analytics built for marketing professionals
  • Model your marketing data for search with worksheets
  • Drill anywhere to get granular insights with just a click
  • Enforce governance, protect customer data, and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Eliminate marketing reporting backlogs


  • Carlos Bouloy

    Sales Engineer, Snowflake

  • Michael Armentano

    Global Services Partner Lead, ThoughtSpot