Salesforce contains some of the most valuable customer data within an organisation. Organisations also use Snowflake’s Data Cloud to easily keep internal data and third-party data up to date and in one place. The consolidation of Salesforce and third-party data on a single platform helps organisations more easily find important and valuable insights, while removing many of the challenges typically associated with data silos and movement. The combination also allows for a deeper view of the customer, services needs, or other analytics.

This session will walk you through a Customer 360 service use case. You will learn how to use Snowflake to gain a harmonised view of data from Salesforce, other internal data sources, and external sources via the Snowflake Data Marketplace to deliver integrated insights and provide a better customer service experience.

Follow along using your Snowflake and Salesforce accounts with help from our instructors and learn how to:
  • Using the Snowflake UI configure objects, load data and add Marketplace data
  • Load Salesforce Service data into Snowflake
  • Use Snowflake to enrich the Service data with internal and Marketplace data
  • Visualise and understand the data to provide customers with a better experience
  • Jayger McGough Tomasino

    Technical Product Marketing Manager, Tableau CRM

  • Aditi Patel

    Demo Engineer, Product Marketing, Tableau CRM

  • Andries Engelbrecht

    Principal Partner Sales Engineer, Snowflake