Snowpark ML includes the Python library and underlying infrastructure for developers to build, deploy, and manage end-to-end ML workflows in Snowflake. Together, Snowpark ML and Hex’s data science notebooks are the match for teams looking to optimize their data science and machine learning workflows. Snowpark ML unifies data pre-processing, feature engineering, model training and integrated deployment into a single, easy-to-use Python library, while Hex’s features and notebook-style UI streamline development. 

Join this hands-on lab to learn how to:

  • Build a churn model using a random forest classifier
  • Leverage Snowpark ML Modeling API to perform feature engineering and training
  • Accelerate your development workflow with Hex magic (AI assistance)
In Partnership With:


  • Prash Mediratta

    Senior Partner Sales Engineer

  • Izzy Miller

    Developer Advocate