Make high quality decisions, faster, with no machine learning expertise required. Snowflake Cortex ML-based functions enable data analysts to generate forecasts and identify outliers with high accuracy through simple SQL commands powered by ML under the hood.

In this lab, our instructors will share how to use Anomaly Detection and Forecasting ML-based Snowflake Cortex Functions to create models and ML-based predictions. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build a model that forecasts a metric based on past values
  • Build a model that flags anomalous values 
  • Assess the accuracy of your model and understand what features drive your model’s accuracy
  • Use Tasks to retrain models on a regular cadence
  • Use the email notification integration to send email reports of the model results after completion
  • Harsh Patel

    Senior Architect, Machine Learning Field CTO

  • Ellery Berk

    Product Manager, Cortex ML Functions

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