Get started creating data engineering pipelines in Python with a live instructor that includes a hands-on, pre-configured Snowflake free trial to see Snowpark in action. 

In just 10 minutes, you’ll be able to use a one-click tutorial set up to:

  • Load data from Snowflake tables into Snowpark DataFrames
  • Perform exploratory data analysis on Snowpark DataFrames
  • Pivot and join data from multiple tables using Snowpark DataFrames
  • Save transformed data into Snowflake tables
  • Deploy Python Worksheet as a Stored Procedure

Stick around to the end and a Snowflake expert will answer your questions live!

10:00 am
Intro to Snowpark
10:20 am
Hands on Lab Section!
  • Dash Desai

    Lead Developer Advocate, Snowflake