For Retail & CPG firms, point of sale data is essential to understanding which products are selling, through which channels, and at what margin. However, since they do not own the last mile of the customer journey, reliable and timely sales insights are traditionally challenging to attain and often require retail, distribution or 3rd party data partners. 

In this hands on lab, learn how to access all relevant data from a single source and turn data into insights through the Microsoft PowerBI integration.
  • Access first party data seamlessly in Snowflake
  • Leverage the Data Marketplace to query live POS data from 3rd party providers
  • Set up self-serve analytics via Power BI


  • Patrick LeBlanc

    Chief Evangelist, Microsoft Power BI

  • Craig Collier

    Principal Platform Solutions Architect, Snowflake

  • Regan Murphy

    Principal Sales Engineer, Snowflake