Data science is helping organisations around the world solve the most challenging analytical problems. Snowflake’s Data Cloud accelerates data science with DataRobot Automated Machine Learning, bringing AI and data science within reach for every company. 

In this free instructor-led lab you’ll get first-hand experience preparing data in Snowflake and building and training models with DataRobot. No prior experience is necessary, and you will have trial access to both platforms after the lab is over so you can continue honing your data science skills.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Prepare data and conduct feature engineering
  • Build and train models
  • Build a broadly applicable customer churn model
  • Deploy, monitor, and manage models
  • Write back data to Snowflake
  • Visualise and analyse the resulting data in Snowflake
  • Vijay Rajan

    Data Scientist, DataRobot

  • Riaan Tischendorf

    Sales Engineer, Snowflake