Using the Cloud For Speed-of-Thought Analytics on All Your Data


1.5 TB of data per day? No problem! Learn how turned to Snowflake’s cloud-native data warehouse combined with Tableau’s data visualization solution to address their challenges. and its parent family of premium websites operate in an extremely competitive environment. To stand out in the crowd, the huge amounts of data generated by these websites needs to be analyzed to understand and monetize a wide variety of site traffic.

Their challenges:’s previous solution of Hadoop + a traditional data warehouse was limiting their analysts’ ability to bring together and analyze their data.
  • Significant amounts of custom processing to bring together data
  • Performance issues for data users due to concurrency and contention challenges
  • Several hours to incorporate new data into analytics.
Join, Snowflake Computing, and Tableau for an informative webinar where you’ll learn:
  • How simplified their data infrastructure by eliminating the need for Hadoop + a traditional data warehouse
  • Why’s analysts are able to explore and analyze data without the frustration of poor, inconsistent performance
  • How’s widely distributed team of analysts can now access a single comprehensive view of data for better insights