COVID-19 has heightened the need for analytics-ready data to accelerate epidemiological research, inform public health safety initiatives and shape business continuity responses related to the outbreak. The COVID-19 Canadian Outbreak Tracker provided by ThinkData provides a complete overview of the current status of COVID-19 in Canada. 

Join our live webcast to hear from experts with Snowflake and ThinkData to  learn how to access this live data set and combine it with your existing data to inform business decisions in the coming months. This webcast will cover:

  • A live demo of how to build data visualisations with the data
  • How to utilize the Snowflake Data Marketplace free of charge
  • Q&A session with data experts to answer your COVID-19 data questions


  • Todd Crosslin

    VP Healthcare Strategy, Snowflake

  • David Spezia

    Senior Sales Engineer, Snowflake

  • Bryan Smith

    Co-founder & CEO, ThinkData Works, Inc.

About the Provider:

ThinkData Works Inc. makes accessing data from anywhere easy. By creating the most efficient solution to stream data from any public or private source in the world, ThinkData’s platform, Namara, enables data scientists to access more data, offload prep and processing overhead onto automated pipelines, and significantly increase the confidence they have in plugging new data into products, models and solutions.