One of the biggest challenges for Research teams within Healthcare and Life Sciences organisations is sharing sensitive data securely, providing a complete audit of data usage and ensuring ease of use for individual researchers and groups globally and at scale. Current practices to make datasets available for analysis are not only costly and time consuming, but also leave the research teams in charge of the provided data – including provisioning their custom development environments and setting up security practices around them.

Join this webinar to dive deep into how to create scalable global trusted research environments (TREs) by leveraging Snowflake Data Cloud. As demonstrated by Snowflake’s partner, Infinite Lambda, who worked with The Francis Crick Institute to help their researchers provide such environments at a “click of a button” for research and experimentation, share and access data in minutes (as opposed to weeks or months) while ensuring data security and governance with robust cost management policies.

  • Galiya Warrier

    Senior Sales Engineer, Snowflake

  • Jasim Alladin

    Engineering Lead, Infinite Lambda

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