The transition to a more environmentally and socially sustainable world has created an urgent and strategic priority for the financial sector. Firms are meeting their own corporate obligations and are also playing a role to mobilise capital to where it is needed most to support sustainability projects for their customers.

Driven by stakeholder pressures from investors, regulators, and customers to prioritise ESG considerations into their corporate agenda, we discuss how ESG has changed the traditional financial services model, accelerated digital transformation, and improved data management strategies across the enterprise.

Join AWS and Snowflake to learn more about:

  • What is driving ESG adoption and business priority change across the industry
  • The major challenges and opportunities for financial firms as demand for ESG rises
  • How ESG is informing data and technology transformation in the financial sector
  • How the Data Cloud can support and enable ESG workflows for financial firms
  • Rinesh Patel

    Global Industry GTM Lead - Financial Services, Snowflake

  • Addy Dubhashi

    EMEA Partner Practice Lead - Financial Services, AWS

  • Christophe Mendonca

    Senior Sales Engineer, Snowflake

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