Pricing represents one of the most crucial business and profitability decisions a business will make with their revenue model and plays an outsized role in its chance for success. Despite this, pricing and monetisation is an area many founders and entrepreneurs under-invest in. This is especially true in the modern world of B2B SaaS, which faces its own unique monetisation challenges and hasn’t yet developed a common set of standards, principles, frameworks and language.

Join this session with Notion Capital and Snowflake to discover the core principles of pricing and how to get it right. Experts will cover:

  • Why you should invest time and energy in pricing and monetisation
  • Principles not playbooks: A framework for pricing success
  • Why data propositions are so tough to get pricing right for

In partnership with:

  • Jennifer Belissent

    Principal Data Strategist

  • Andreas Panayiotou

    Director of Pricing & Monetisation
    Notion Capital

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