Telecom is in the midst of a global transformation driven by the influx of generative AI technology and the move to 6G on the horizon, marking a pivotal juncture in the industry’s evolution. From implementing best-in-class customer service to identifying new revenue streams by embracing data for profit, 2024 is set to shake things up for Telecoms.

Join our upcoming webinar to hear Telecom industry experts share their predictions about the impact of recent developments in the industry and how they believe a strong data strategy will distinguish industry leaders from followers. During the webinar, they will take a deep-dive on how:

  • Data-for-all will drive operational advancements
  • Data monetisation will differentiate industry leaders from followers
  • Gen AI will transform the telecom industry
  • A robust data strategy will be key for business success

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  • Rafael Massei

    Senior Product Marketing Manager

  • Jon Penrose

    Industry Principal, Telecommunications