Snowpark provides a developer framework for Snowflake. It allows data engineers, data scientists, and data developers to code in their own way with their language of choice, and execute pipelines, ML workflows, and data apps faster and more securely, in a single platform.

With Snowpark, customers no longer need to copy data out of Snowflake to run large-scale data transformations in separate Spark/PySpark or other Python/Java environments and then later return the results to Snowflake (very inefficient and costly).

During this webinar, we will discuss how to:

  • Accelerate the pace of innovation using Python’s familiar syntax and thriving ecosystem of open-source libraries to explore and process data where it lives
  • Optimize development time by removing time spent dealing with broken Python environments with an integrated Python package repository and dependency manager
  • Operate with improved trust and security by eliminating ungoverned copies of data with all code running in a highly secure sandbox directly inside Snowflake

Join us to see these new capabilities in action and to understand how Snowpark can help you.

  • Gabriel Mullen

    Sr Sales Engineer Snowflake

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