Join us for this behind-the-scenes look at how Snowflake’s Global Alliances team uses machine learning to scale the Snowflake partner program.

Snowflake Partner Network includes thousands of partners globally. A core component of this program are partner-submitted customer references—which demonstrate the joint value of the partnership and are leveraged by the Snowflake partner, marketing, and sales organization.

Without an automated method, reviewing customer references is a highly manual and time-consuming process.

Snowflake’s partner and IT teams joined forces to create a machine learning algorithm to automatically predict the quality of partner-submitted customer references.

In this session, leaders of Snowflake’s partner and IT teams will dive into how:

  • Snowflake uses Snowpark to develop a machine learning algorithm to automatically score partner-submitted customer references
  • The Data Cloud can help enhance your partner experience
  • Philip Larson

    Sr. Director, Partner Program, Snowflake

  • Kristen Werner

    Director, Data Science & Engineering, Snowflake

  • Emily Dillon

    Product Marketing Manager, Snowflake