Revenue automation has historically been hindered by the challenges of aggregating data from multiple sources as well as the necessity to manually enrich and review data.  The Snowflake Data Cloud allows you to consolidate data from multiple sources and provides an out-of-the box security framework which is essential when processing sensitive data like customer contracts, usage which are key inputs for revenue automation.

Take a peek under the hood at how Snowflake’s own IT team has built a revenue automation solution to manage Snowflake’s consumption-based business. In this webinar with Snowflake IT leaders Shweta Gummidipudi and Sathiya Subramanian, you will learn about:

  • How Snowflake designed and built a full-stack internal application on the Data Cloud to streamline revenue automation
  • How this internal application helps streamline workflows to ensure security, compliance, and data assurance for reliable revenue recognition
  • How the Data Cloud can help you manage your revenue cycle

Hear how Snowflake empowers you with the ability to define your custom transformation business rules to meet your revenue business requirements, while allowing you to scale compute resources during the peak periods. This combination of features makes Snowflake a comprehensive data solution essential for automating revenue. 

  • Shweta Gummidipudi

    Vice President, Global Enterprise Applications

  • Sathiya Subramanian

    Senior Director, Revenue Systems

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